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Wireshape is the
open blockchain for
global product data

Wireshape is the
open blockchain for
global product data

Modern product information standard to drive the creation of the new generation of decentralized ecommecers through open source technology.

Open and Reliable Product Data

Our mission is to decentralize product data, making it useful for consumers to have real, complete and relevant information about a product before it is purchased, ensuring greater satisfaction by acquiring what was really expected.

3D/AR NFT Viewer for E-Commecers

Wireshape contributors transforms real products into realistic 3D NFTs, which through Wireshape Viewer can be previewed three-dimensionally in detail as well as experienced in the customer's own environment through Augmented Reality technology.

Community Audited Data

A new product data standard, open and audited by the community. Consumers themselves, as well as manufacturers, are able to suggest and validate the fidelity of product information that is publicly recorded on the blockchain.

Eco Friendly Blockchain Network

Wireshape network makes unnecessary energy-intensive mining. Taking action against climate change is imperative and provide data about the product/packaging's material is essential, so that consumers are aware of their carbon footprint.

E-Commerces Migration to the Web3

Web2 is being replaced by web3 and graphics are moving from 2D to immersive 3D. Wireshape network helps make this transition happen to a better shopping experience and customer engagement, with easy-to-implement tools and APIs.

Educational and Research Web3 Programs

Committed to the education and mass adoption of Web3, Wireshape is built on open source technologies and opens doors to innovation hubs and educational institutions that want to learn, build and connect with Web3 through flexible solutions.