Versions There are 3 versions

  • Extreme Definition

    Extreme Definition standard is indicated for those who need high detail mesh and high definition textures, allowing even extreme closeups. It is especially suitable for Films, TV, VFX and 3D Print. Having 6 sub levels mesh, displacement map and 4-16k textures.

  • I Need It!

    I Need It is for ordering on demand products. It is a collection of several objects which are on the waiting list to come into 3D scanned assets stock. When you buy one of the items in this collection, this will move to the top of the priority list. When ready, this product will be placed in stock in the format of a 3D scanned asset ready for use, and you will receive the links to download it in Extreme Definition and Real-Time distribution standard.

  • Real-Time

    Real-Time standard is indicated for those who need mesh and resolution textures to real-time render, but likewise keeping its realistic look. It is especially suitable for Games, VR and AR. Having low poly mesh, normal map and 2-4k textures.

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