Wireshape boost VFX and Game productions.

With focus on digital assets for extreme closeups, Wireshape is being carefully designed to provide a fast and accurate solution for customers who need high-fidelity 3D scanned data. Delivering professional 3D models with next level quality and standard distribution ready for use, in versions for real-time (Game, VR and AR) and VFX productions.

What does Wireshape?

Wireshape provides 3D scanned assets with high fidelity to the real object. All captures are performed carefully in order to achieve great wealth of surface details as well as high definition textures, free of artifacts and unwanted shadows. Moreover, the post-production step ensures delivery of normal and displacement maps in industry standard and ready for use 3D models, with clean mesh, quad and subdivision levels that meet to various types of production, of real-time games to extreme closeups film takes.

Wireshape Stock Private Beta:

Wireshape is in private beta and selecting participants. So, if you want to be one of the first to test pre-release products, offer your feedback, get gifts and special discounts, request an invite to beta.

Boost the cgi production

The computer graphics industry is always looking to combine high quality with short production time. Detailed 3D scanned models are essential to meet this emerging technology revolution.

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Request a invitation to Wireshape Private Beta Program, those that are accepted will be one of the first to test pre-release products, offer your feedback, get gifts and special discounts.