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Wireshape help you to create Metaverse, VR, Game and VFX ultra realistic scenes in minutes.

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We are looking for passionate photographers and drone pilots.

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Educational Program

The Educational Institution Ahead

Educational Program

The 3D industry transformation is in the hands of the students.

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3D Scan to Reality Hack

The Lean Pipeline

We see the AAA CGI future is to be more accessible, lean, efficient and wonderful. We are creating ways so that artists can finally dedicate themselves to creative work, to create the unimagined instead of spending days trying to reproduce the real world.

Ultra-realistic & Fast

Our proposal is to deliver the reality ready to be used in virtual worlds. We are committed to the research and development of the most advanced in 3D scanner technique, in order to always achieve extreme fidelity and boost your film, game or VR production.

Community Oriented

Our founders have been in the industry for more than 10 years, so we are oriented by the professional and productions needs. Our mission is to help you reach your full potential with learning tools and an engaged and unique community.

The 3D Scanned Stock

A New Experience

Micro Details

The Sharpest Look

VR Ready

Reality Hack

Plans for All

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Millimeter Oriented

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Three-dimensional World

Global Community

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Ultra Resolutions

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Focus on extreme micro details


Quad Based

All 3D scanned models are exposed to postcapture process, resulting in assets with cleaned mesh, quad topology and real scale.


4k to 16k

Accurate maps in high definition, with perfect seams and color depth to ensure high-end quality and the level of details.


Millimeter Accuracy

Detailed capture and processing for faithfulness of shapes, textures and reliefs to the real surface.


Standard Formats

Two distribution standards: Real-Time - for Game, VR and AR; and Extreme Definition - for VFX, Animation and 3D printing.


Checked Calibration

3D scanner is all about faithfulness, ideal for productions that need to to keep the CGI with a high level of credibility.


6+ SubD Levels

Following emerging technologies, we will deliver meshes with multilevel subdivision and millions of polygons.


Investors and Partners


Polygon Studios




Become an early adopter

Wireshape was born with the commitment to work really focused on the community, which is why we created a unique, smart and fair business model.

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Investor Status

When buying on Wireshape you also becomes an investor and will receive lifetime points to receive sales participation. This is really amazing!

Request 3D Scan

As we are really focused on the community, we would love to meet your real needs and we will start scanning that for you.

Affordable Subscription

Our mission is to make the pipeline lean and for that we have created affordable plans for businesses of all sizes.

Vip Support

We will give special attention to each of our first users, take the opportunity to apply now as the number of approved will be limited.

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Photographers & Drone Pilots

We are looking for passionate photographers and drone pilots, open to new opportunities and interested in using their creativity and skill to explore the world in details. Come and be part of a team engaged in producing what has never been seen before, to revolutionize the VR, VFX and Games industry. We have flexible opportunities available for you to make money from what you love and enjoy this new business niche.


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November 17, 2021

Wireshape is creating a new business niche where photographers can now enter the 3D market...

Startup -

November 16, 2021

We are proud to have participated in SUS in Y Combinator, we had the opportunity to learn from the best...


We Believe in Education

We believe that the 3D industry transformation is in the hands of the students, so we created an exclusive program for educational institutions to facilitate access to all of our content.

Apply to Program

Educational Program

A special program where all students from accredited institutions can benefit.

Amazing Benefits

Full access to Wireshape 3D scanned content for free periods, discounts of up to 80% and more.

Gateway to 3D Industry

Students who have great performance will have the chance to join the Wireshape team.

Cutting-edge Technology

Learn from the best tools generates a very close experience of what happens in 3D productions AAA.

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